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If you adopted your pet from our shelter and would like to tell the world about him or her, please send us a picture and a few words about your pet to Gertie at ACC Lobo and we can share your happy tales!

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Sadly missed, but she represents all that a shelter dog can be.



We just are in love with our shepherd that we adopted from you guys! We named him Harley.

In May my partner purchased a little pooch named Lilly from the Lobo Animal Rescue for my birthday. When he brought her home he told me about the impact she had made in the shelter and that a follow up would be welcome, so I am writing to let you know how she is getting on.
When Lilly first came into our home you could tell there was some apprehension, she was DESPERATE for comfort and love but scared of what people may do to her. She was crawling into my lap but each time i would go to touch her she would bare her teeth to me (oddly enough for her as her main concern tends to be men, she was instantly comfortable with my husband). I gave her time and let her sit with me and as she got more comfortable she let me pet her, hug her, give her treats and so on.
Now she is a cuddle monster- I swear she is part cat. She will walk across my lap for attention, she perches on our couches, loves a good window sill and sun beam to nap in. She is still a little wary around men but she is getting a lot better and we are so proud of her.
Recently we completed level one dog obedience, and I don't want to brag but she was the best in her class. She responded so well to the structure; often grasping tricks/behaviours very quickly that we had time to teach her some more complicated tricks on our own (we amazed the class on the last day with how we taught her to play dead when we say 'bang!") We are considering signing her up for agility next!
One of her favourite activities is when we take her to the dog park. She loves playing with the other dogs (she thinks she is much bigger than her true size) and she loves catch (others are always amazed at how fast she can run).
Ultimately she is adjusting very well to her new home, of course some old fears and behaviours work their way to the surface that we can't explain and that break our hearts but to see her become more comfortable with us and her new life is incredibly rewarding. We thank you for bringing her into our lives in your own way.
Thank you again,
Rebecca, Cameron and Lilly

Wanted to pass along that Miya is adjusting very well. She loves to be outside off her leash. She races and races around the yard enjoying her freedom. By bedtime she was quite settled. Although she likes to keep me in her line of sight, she does go to the boys for affection. Thank you so much for this opportunity. She is a great fit for us!

CHIPPERS STORY – A story of God’s love for all his creatures
I think it important to let everyone who knows us how God answered our prayers for little Chipper.
Chipper escaped from our kennel around 9:30 p.m. Monday evening. Martin was exercising the dogs one last time before tucking them in for the night. Chipper was loose in the far end of the security area. Martin opened the gate not thinking that Chipper had been waited for this opportunity. As soon as the gate was open he bolted, and before Martin could close the gate he was gone!
This was so uncharacteristic of him. It shocked Martin, and he immediately went to the house to get my assistance to round him up. He first went after him, calling to him, but Chipper had a one track mind, and that was to run. It was a very cold but clear night, not full moon, but close to it. We hardly needed a flashlight to see.
It wasn’t long before we realized we needed more help. I phoned our daughter Mary Jo who came out from Hyde Park to help in the search. Kim also came from Lucan to assist. We went our separate ways going to every direction with one of us always staying at the shelter in case Chipper returned on his own. We kept up the search for about 3 hours, and by that time we all were exhausted and needed to call it off.
During my search it was very disconcerting to hear a pack of wolves or coyotes yip, yipping very close to us as I walked through the bush in the dark. Did the coyotes find Chipper? But, no I refused to believe that thought. We had prayed for God’s angels to protect and keep Chipper safe.
It was difficult sleeping and Martin and I got up several times before staying up at 5:30 a.m. We had left all the outside lights on plus, the side door of the kennel was left so that a gentle nudge of a dog’s nose would have opened it. Chipper’s outside run and door were also left open in case he returned. We quickly went to see if he had returned, but alas no dog! Chipper was wearing London dog tags and I waited until close to 9 a.m. to call to report him lost. I gave the lost and found department all the details, his name, owner’s name, address, and the fact the owner was on vacation and had left the dog in our care. They were told how desperate we were in finding this little dog and to please call our shelter if they got any word.
Unbeknown to us, someone had called London Animal Care and Control around 8:00 a.m. They had found Chipper and wanted to return him to his owner. This is where a huge problem arose. The left hand did not know what the right hand was doing! Two different people took the information in two different departments at Animal Control. The messages did not connect!
Around 2:00 p.m. our staff, once again on a whim, phoned Animal Care in London. To our surprise we were told, yes, someone had called and the dog Chipper had been reported found! They refused to give us any more details because of privacy laws. Staff asked me if I could speak to the “head” person at London Animal Care to get some more co-operations. I knew Brett Harlton very well, who is the C.E.O. I was able to connect with him and give him our story.
It still took about an hour for us to finally get a call from a woman who had Chipper. She actually hesitated when I told her I would be picking up Chipper. She wanted to keep the dog! I convinced her; I had his coat and food and would like to come for him. She finally agreed.
I found out she had actually phoned Animal Care in London around 8:00 a.m.! Where was Chipper found? I finally got the full story.
He had actually wandered two concessions down the highway from our shelter before running out of steam. These people have two beagles that have boarded at our kennel many times. Their daughter used to work for us years ago. The father first saw Chipper in their front yard around 5:30 a.m. He actually saw Chipper cross that crazy busy highway but return to their house! It wasn’t until around 7:30 that their daughter saw Chipper in their back yard and got him inside. Their two beagles did not like the intruder, and she called her Mom who lives in Strathroy, to come take care of the dog. It was the mom who called London Animal Control to give them the tag number to find out who the owner might be.
What astounds us is the fact this dog was able to survive temperatures ranging from minus 6 degrees Centigrade to zero for almost 12 hours! Chipper used to shiver when at our shelter, even in his coat! One fact I need to tell you is that I was able to connect with the owner to tell them Chipper was lost. It was a most difficult conversation, as you can imagine. He told me Chipper was not road wise at all and that he did not believe this dog would ever survive such low temperatures!
See what God has done! I firmly believe, God answered our prayers of sending an angel to guard over Chipper and that he would be returned to the kennel in good condition. I am humbled to think how much God loves us and the critters we love so dearly. Chipper’s story will always be to us a testimony of God’s great grace, mercy and love!

Hi Gertie, It has been almost a year since we adopted the stray Husky from your shelter ( she was found in Mount Brydges and brought to you). Just wanted to let you know that she made herself right at home from Day 1 and is an absolute delight. We couldn't ask for a better pet.
Enclosed are 2 pictures - she loves her little pillow and the rubber duck is her favourite toy (not spoiled at all!) and enjoys lying in the shade under the tree in the warmer weather.
We are very grateful that you posted her on Facebook and that we just happened to see it.
Mary & Allan Johnson & Kaela

I just wanted to follow up with you with regards to my recent adoption of ‘Joy’ (6 month old tabby mix). She is now called (Princess) Leia and is settling in very nicely into her new home. I want you to know she is very loved and we will take great care of her! Thank you for all the terrific work you do!
Nancy D

Hey Lobo Centre,
Remember this little guy? Back in May of 2009, he was your Frankie and my Shadow. He's a big guy now and he has his love of his life Trixie with him now.
Wishing all of you at the centre a great and wonderful Christmas and a Safe and happy New Year.
Thanks again, Ann & Tom P.


We adopted this wonderful Corgi Collie mix about a year ago and he has been the best thing that has happened to myself and my girls in a very long time I don't think we could possibly thank you enough for allowing us to bring home this wonderful family member who makes sure we play in the snow, run in the park and the kids pick up their toys
Merry Christmas from Rebekah S R and Angela D

We are so happy with Pheobe, she is settling in well and is just what i needed. Thanks for all you help,encouragement,and advice in the first few days she was here.

Hi Gertie,
I just wanted you to know that your Maine Coon kitty has settled in perfectly and is making himself at home with us. He is perfect. It was meant to be.
I have attached a pic of him lounging on the couch. Thank you!

Hi Gertie,
Just a quick note here. Lola is doing so well. She settled in immediately, and loves her new home here with me. She sleeps at the foot of my bed, and doesn't get up until I do !! She is so intuitive.
I'll send more details on another day. But here a few pictures of my precious baby girl !! She loves the ironing board. So I keep it at half height in front of the balcony window, where she hangs out, keeps an eye on things, snoozes, and so on and so on, lol. She also has found a favourite computer chair -- good thing I have two !!



Lola's favourite yoga position

Just wanted to give you an update on “Holly” who we renamed “Kedi”. We adopted her in February of 2015.
Kedi loves her new home and my gardens, she is a real poser as you will notice in the picture I’ve attached. I have never had a cat that was such a people kitty. She crawls in bed with us in the mornings for her belly rub and keeps me company wherever I am. She is a very funny kitty, loves to play and we are enjoying her very much.
Thank you.
Cathy K

June 13 2015 garden and yard sale

I wanted to share a picture of Cali to you. I got Cali from your shelter in October 2006. She is a shepherd/husky cross and was found in a barn with her mother and siblings. Once they finished weaning, the elderly couple on the farm surrendered the pups to your shelter. Upon my arrival, there were no pups available but just when I was about to leave, the young man who had taken Cali home to see if he could have her, returned because his mom said no. Anyways, I have always wanted to share this positive story with you because she has been an incredible girl. She is now 9.5 yrs old, very healthy and so loving, gentle and loyal. It's hard to believe that she was the last pup to go because she had a dark face. She was so cute and has grown into a beautiful, graceful girl. We adopted another girl three yrs later and they are best friends...her name is Mia.
Anyways, as part of her 10th year, I thought I would share her pics.
Lori M


This is Ammo, just over a year after we adopted him from ACCL. He was just a few weeks old when he became a part of our family and is growing into an amazing boy! He just wanted to say hi to everyone that helped give him his start in life and show what a handsome boy he has become! He came in with his mom and two other brothers and sisters.
We're so happy to have received an update on Ammo! He was adopted as a pup just 1 year ago and his family says he's growing into an amazing boy! Ammo came to ACCL with his French Bulldog mom and two other brothers and sisters. We believe Ammo's father is a Shepherd, what mix! Quite a mix! A French Bulldog and Shepherd! Mom was half dead when she came in!
(both tails were edited to fit)
Sarah's collage image


My name is Emma and my partner Sam and I adopted a dog from your center back in October. Her name was Bernie (now Tonks) and she was a mixed breed. She has been doing great with us and our other pets! She got attached to everyone very quickly and is very affectionate (I work from home so she follows me from room to room and sleeps in the office while I work). She's very energetic and has been getting lots of outdoor time. Everyone who's met her has loved her and asked how she could have ended up at a shelter!
Our vet guessed that she was about a year old, and we were surprised to discover that she was actually already neutered (she's got a tattoo on her belly to show for it).
She is the biggest suck and has been the perfect addition to our little family.
I'm attaching some pictures of her cuddle sessions with our Daschund Monty and our cats Charlie and Bentley. (I've tried taking action shots, but she is such a fast runner that they are all blurry!)
Thank you!

Hello, Our lovely cat responds to her new name, Carling. I'll give you an update on a later date.
I remember you and Danielle saying she should get a booster shot in a month from the date of adoption. Other than that, should I be getting her dewormed and protected from fleas? Her health record didn't indicate she received those.
A few days after we brought her home I noticed a small bald spot with a red centred dot on her left lower neck where the collar sits, could that have been a bite mark or site of injection?
I notice her scratching herself often, maybe too much - today I noticed a hair loss patch behind her left ear, not sure what can be causing this.
I will be going to the Bay Cat Hospital on King St East in 2 weeks. Please advise
Thank you,

Hello to all staff and volunteers at Animal Care Centre Lobo,
I just wanted to share with you Trixie’s adjustment to her new home.
During our visit to your shelter, we took her for a walk and introduced her to our other 2 dogs. She was very accepting of Rocky and Coco, which was a big plus for us and helped make the decision she would be a good fit. During the walk Trixie showed great potential while off leash. Not so well on leash.
I am very happy to let you know she is astounding us with her trainability! We are so in love with her! She trots gently along on the leash now and doesn’t pull, unless she sees a rabbit or squirrel. She is redirected easily with the treats I keep in my pocket for just such an occasion. She is very loving and sweet tempered. She is quickly learning manners and answers to her name.
While at the park off leash, she comes when called most of the time. Unless she is distracted by friends she makes in the school yard.
She is a treat! And we’re very glad she’s a part of our lives.
Thank you,
Louise J

I was just wanting to send you guys a quick email on how Riggs ( who is now called Jeff ) is doing.
He and Molly have become great dog friends and love each others company!, he is such a great boy...very kind , gentle and clean in the house. Not one single accident.
He is getting used to walks and lives playing and exploring the back yard and our Sunday nature hikes.
Thank you so much for really fantastic dog, he is amazing!!
Take care,
John A
(First pic is when he came in to ACC Lobo on Sept.12, 2015, a stray picked up in Kilworth)

Jayda is doing great!
Hi Team at Lobo Animal Centre,
The Gowdy family wanted to share that Jayda, the Portuguese Water Dog, has settled into our family very well! Her and our 1 year old goldendoodle, Charlie, are best of friends. She gives endless amounts of kisses, loves to snuggles and is very calm. We love her very much and are glad she has joined our big family :)
The Gowdy Family

I was only home about 10 minutes with her when I took this video. She had checked out the house had some food, used her litter box and decided it was time for a cleaning. I brush her everyday. She has settled in nicely,loves the backyard and is playing with toys around the house. She is a big suck and perhaps in danger of wearing out her purrer.

Click here to open video

A Thank You
I just wanted to see if a Thank You could be passed along to Gertie whether she is still part of your organization or not. You may not get too many of these letters, or maybe you do .
I adopted Frankie, a 12 lb. Jack Russell /Chihuahua/ Italian Greyhound cross 11 years ago from your facility. He had been brought in by a trucker who had found him with a badly broken leg . To their credit, Acclobo and Strathroy Vet Clinic , rather than putting him down (or taking his leg off ) --because of his winning personality it was said --went to extraordinary measures and put a pin in his leg instead with no guarantee of success or payment . (This worked although he had a shorter right hind leg than the left one.)
Unfortunately, (this was in 2004) I had just lost my Shepherd-cross at the time, and having spent a lot of money on his medical costs at the end, when advised of the terms of Frankie’s adoption, I didn’t really have the money to pay for Frankie’s vet bill on top of that recent expense. Gertie called the vet clinic while I waited in the lobby at ACCLOBO, on pins and needles, sure of refusal to adopt in those circumstances. She came back however, and said if I would have Frankie neutered there, and his initial shots, the Strathroy vet clinic would forgo the leg surgery bill, and even do a couple of free follow ups on it. That clinched the ‘deal’ for me.
And so I brought Frankie home. I did take him to the Strathroy Vet clinic where he received excellent care for the treatment agreed upon, and where I would have remained a client but for living in London and the distance involved. He was the light in my life for 11 years. He passed away on Mother’s Day this month at home after a great life where he touched many people, always a happy and positive presence. As his age was pegged ‘about’ 4 years at time of adoption, I think he was somewhere actually around 14 or 15 when he died.
I did adopt another dog from a rescue organization a couple of years later as a companion for Frankie, and both were boarded at ACCLOBO the odd times I went away. She will miss her ‘sparring’ partner for the rest of her life, but we were so lucky to have him in our lives, and if not for both Gertie and ACCLOBO, and the Strathroy Veterinary Clinic, we would never have experienced that absolute joy .
So, just wanted to let you know that your role and work has been appreciated by me (and I’m sure by many others over the years) and the animals you help. Just wanted to remind you of that, as perhaps you don’t hear it enough….
Charlotte B
Byron, Ontario

“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old--- they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.” Gabriel García Márquez.

Hi Gertie, just a little update on Savanna. First off, we have renamed her "Tala" which is Sioux for 'stalking wolf'. My husband said she traveled well in the car and was quite content to it and look out the window. Mikey, our JRT wasn't too sure about her when he met her for the first time, but after some supervised time together, they have become quite good buddies. Tala even met our neighbor's dog Champ, and all three had a lovely romp and play in the back yard. She crates up easily and except for a minute or two of slight whining at night, she settles down and sleeps right through until morning. She shows interest in our cats, but does not attempt to chase them, hasn't shown any interest in trying to dig (both our other huskies were notorious diggers!) and is lovely with her food and taking treats. We've made arrangements to have her vaccinations done in a week or so, once her heat cycle finishes, and then after her second booster, she will be spayed.
Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to adopt this lovely new addition to our family! She is sure to bring us lots of joy and smiles in the years to come! Most importantly, our JRT has a buddy again!


I thought you and the girls there might like to see a photo of Millie now... I just bathed her... she is sooooooooo miffed with me Winking smilehahahaha... I took four photos but she kept turning her head... her hair is all fluffy and fly away.... the girls will I know be glad to hear that she doesn’t have ANY traces of the dermatitis that she came with.... she has a beautiful coat and no itching or chewing... and she is great about her baths...(normally on a Friday... but I was bored today... it is raining and sleeting so don’t want to work outside..... so decided today was as good a day as any). I am not sure what caused her issues... not sure if it was stress or some sort of fungus.... or dietary.... all I know is that she eats the same food my other dogs eat... and I must confess it is Old Roy... (tho the top of their range)..... and the ONLY stress she has... is which chickens to chase... or pal to wrestle with... or what spot on the bed to watch telly with her Mum and Daddy of an evening..... it took a very long time to resolve it (which sort of lends me to think it was either some sort of fungus... given the amount of special medicated shampoos we used.. from Vet’s ones to Sulphur and Coal tar to Tropical herbal ones.... or maybe stress... of being lost... then found... then rehomed.... all I care about is that she is happy and healthy... and a joy to have in our family Smile..... Max is amazing... he is well... content... and my “coach” walking with me rain or shine or sleet or hail.... always well behaved... and the love of my life.... Smileboth Max and Millie send their regards to everyone there and their thanks for giving them a second chance.... you all are brilliant... a safe haven for dogs in trouble...
GOD bless you all fondest regards Denise Max Millie... Colin and all here XXX

Here is a little rescue that came to our shelter Oct.08, 2013. She went to the Chihuahua Rescue Nov.1, 2013 and had 5 pups there Nov.8, 2013. This little one had been wandering the streets of Mt. Brydges before coming to our shelter. It appears that it may have been a Chinese Crested Breed that mated with her, as two of the pups are hairless.
The picture shows the pup's first birthday party on 8th Nov 2014. Amber( hairless) Carlie, Abby, Jake, Jasper (hairless).
All are fairly big. Carlie is the smallest weighing 8 1/2 lbs, the largest is Jake 15 lbs - Little Chi Chi did well!

We wanted to send you an update on our sweet girl - "Angelica", who is now known as Winnie. We adopted her from you at the beginning of October - one of the 10 basset hound/lab puppies you had brought in. She is such a sweet, sweet girl and fits in with her new fur sisters and family beautifully. She is gentle, calm (although going through puppy adolescence has brought her out of her shell!) and very loving - a true suck. Molly, our other puppy who is 1, is her very best friend, and they stick together for everything.
We plan to bring her by soon for a visit!
Thanks for everything you do.
Kristin L

Hi everyone.
I just want to let you all know that Rocky, who we adopted in October 2009 aged 8 weeks, had to be put down today at the young age of 5yrs 5 mths. He had started having seizures last November. But tests couldn't find why. They were mild & Rocky only had one other seizure in December, we were told there wasn’t real concern; Yesterday morning, after 6 weeks without a seizure, Rocky had 3 seizures, followed by another 6 through the night. By the morning Rocky was almost gone. It happened so fast. We had to make a very hard decision for the best interest for Rocky.
I know Rocky had a sister at the centre who was also adopted by another family. If you are able to let these owners know of Rocky’s health; It might help them if they are forewarned.
Please would you put these photos up in remembrance of Rocky on your site. He was an intelligent, playful, loving dog. Who will be sadly missed.
Kind regards
Alison & Mike D

Hi Gertie,
I wanted to send you an update about the two gorgeous male sibling kittens my partner and I adopted in early June 2014 from the centre. We named them Gatsby (Cream Tabby - originally 'Brie') and Obie (Orange Tabby - originally 'Zeus').
They have become the heart of our little family in the 6 months since we have been "owned" by them. They are a favourite at our vets office, and are much loved by everyone who meets them! They love to wrestle, play, cuddle, eat, and of course ... get into trouble together! They greet us at the door with kisses, and are the sweetest, most loving cats.
I wanted to thank you for the work you do at the centre, and for allowing us to bring these love-bugs into our lives. I've included some pictures of them, because they're just too cute not to!
Andrea & Juan
Sydney   Sydney

Hi Gertie
My cat Mr. Schmee came home safe and sound on the weekend. Also I wanted to let you know that I am the person who adopted the little Schipperke. I named him Skip – go figure. I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love him. He is the happiest funniest little dog. He is a perfect fit. His favorite thing is to play catch with a cob of corn. It is the funniest thing and he loves the snow.
Sincerely Cindy

We had a very emaciated French Bull dog mix and two of her pups came to our shelter on Thursday, Nov.13, 2014.
The mom was a walking skeleton with a stomach that looked like a basketball, similar to the starving children we sometimes see pictures of in Africa. She was flea infested, and we treated her for several parasites. With good food and proper care she was able to nurse but not enough to keep the pups satisfied. We put together a formula and began bottle feeding the pups to supplement their diet. We were told the pups were 3 weeks old. They are now thriving as is mom.
She went for a trip to our vet Nov.17, 2014. A test for heartworm showed she was heartworm free much to our relief. Her “Cherry Eye” was operated on and had her spayed at the same time on Dec.11, 2014.
We asked the public for contributions and succeeded in achieving our goal of covering the expences for Bella’s operations. She is into a new very good loving home as of Dec.12, 2014. Her new owners couldn’t be happier with this great little dog.
Thank everyone for their support and donations on behalf of Bella. What a great community of supporters! We will continue on in the new year helping all in our area that need help. We endeavour to be that light in our community, meeting your needs and that of the animals!



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