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Aging In Place for seniors and their pets. National Council for Aging Care
Pet Finder is where we list all of our animals that are up for adoption.
Pet Finder mobile so you can access Petfinder easily on your cellphone.
Helping Lost Pets is a website to assist in reuniting lost pets. Look/list your pet, post/read about sightings.
The Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) works with First Nations and Rural communities in Ontario to rescue, rehab, and re-home stray dogs and cats.
London Animal Care and Control in the city of London, Ontario
Adopt an Animal Canada can help you find an Animal Adoption Centre near you.
Cost of pets Calculator to estimate the annual cost of a dog/cat.
The Daily Dog is where you can find many tips about our best friend.
The Daily Cat is where we can find many tips about our feline friends.
The London Humane Society provides assistance to animals in the city of London.
The Humane Society of Canada
Erin Woodgate specializes in pet photography.
Best Friends -an American organization that helps rescue animals. Lots of animal News and stories.
If you live in the St. Thomas area, you may be interested in Animal Aide.
How To Do Things is a very interesting site that provides a great deal of information on pets, their adoption, care and training. If you are thinking of adopting a new pet you should visit this site.

Author Stanley Popovich has provided us with a couple of interesting articles related to pet adoption and animal abuse as it relates to the owner's stress. Click here to read them.

If your business would like to sponser an adoption related page on our website, please e-mail us with Acclobo in the subject line. Sponsership helps us to pay for our Adoption related services which are strictly non-profit.


Links updated April 8 2016

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