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We provide Animal Control and Dog Licensing for the Municipality of Strathroy Caradoc.

For the Municipalities of North Middlesex, Middlesex Centre and Lucan Biddulph we provide Pound Keeping and Pickups only.

All healthy and social Dogs and Cats taken to our shelter are kept until they are claimed by their owners or adopted.

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Dog tags are mandatory. Cat tags are optional. We want to make sure all pet owners realize the importance of not only obtaining a tag for each pet but making sure the tags are secured on the pets collar for proper identification. It has been proven every pet gets lost at least once in their lifetime. Better Safe than Sorry!

All tax payers pay a small amount for animal control. The amount is only around $10.00. Everyone benefits. Most of all the dogs and cats wearing these tags can now be returned home safely and only enter the shelter if no contact can be made with the owner.

There is no excuse for not wearing these tags.

Please make an effort to obtain a tag for each of your dogs and cats. We are on call 24/7. What better insurance can you get for your pet at such a small price? Strathroy Caradoc is the first municipality in Ontario with this new concept. We believe it will save pets and will help get the job done much more efficiently and effectively.

Please take advantage of this FREE IDENTIFICATION for your pets!

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They can't talk but the tags will get them safely back home in the event they should get lost. It will save you and your pet many hours of trauma and expense. Please obtain a tag and have yout pet wear it.

Doing an effective job of Animal Control involves everyone and we commend those citizens who work with us to help the lost and abandoned dogs and cats get the help they need. We plead with everyone to support this concept of Animal Control. Let us all do our part to see that the animals that can not speak for themselves get the care they deserve.

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Check out when we are open


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